Released on 19.02.19, Strong and Alive.

The Album “Behind the Beyond” is the fruit of vast changes in our band, in our environment and in our very own minds.

Having a naturally social and psychological content, this album speaks about human behaviour as an individual and as a member in social group and reflects our thoughts and ideas about some harsh phenomenon such as lonliness, inability to control thoughts, propaganda in social environment, and also more delicate topics such as transformation of child to adult and its challanges, friendship and wildness and freshness of youth.

…this album speaks about human behaviour as an individual and…

Before releasing the album, we thought it is best to be a little more social and interactive with our fans so we decided to publish a few music videos of our work prior to album release. So we prepared five music videos to be exact. which we are going to go through in a little more detail here.


The first one is “NEWS”. We did this one completely by ourselves, 3 of us using our own camera and equipment (which was almost nothing but a TV and a few light fixtures) in the basement of a friends apartment building using old available furniture which was already there.

The story is being trapped in everyday routine in the clerical system and situation which our jobs force us in, and it expands and takes over our out of office hours without us even noticing it. Along with it, we are under serious, gradual, powerful and unnoticable influence of a phenomenon called NEWS which indirectly affects all our desicions and points of view and our thought system in the long run, and we do not realize what we have become until where there is no return and no remedy for this mental and addictive situation which we are trapped in.


The second one we did, “Distance”, was a huge success where we could also become the only Iranian UNHCR #WithRefugees campaign supporter with our music video. We had a good feedback from Iranian TV programs and Musical shows, and the music video was aired multiple times on TV in United States and United Kingdom Persian television networks.

I seriously suggest to watch this one since I dont want to spoil the story and the stunning shots taken by our professional cameraman and director Hayk who is doing some big projects in Armenia. This video was also shot in Yerevan, Armenia and the main character is our talented young friend, who is also called Hayk, whom you can also find in a much younger age in our older music video of previous album “Get Back”, where he co-starred in a much younger age.


The third one was a genious idea we did making use of a childrens art class drawing to make a video about what goes on in their tiny creative brains when they want to imagine. it is called “Killing Roses” and tells the story of a kid who is fighting evil thoughts with its own little innocent methods.

This video has some really delicate Persian culture signs into it, of course in order to notice it, you need to be focused and maybe non-Persian, in order for it to point itself out to you.


Our next one, we can call it a psychological thriller, “Black Boat” was published in May 2018, with the work of talented director Baharan Ghasemi which happened to be a close friend of ours, had a really good feedback and response from Avant-Garde artistic communities,

…it is called “Killing Roses” and tells the story of a kid who is fighting evil thoughts…

which depicts what goes inside the head of a madman, both in motion picture and in lyrics.


The fifth video which was published on November 2018 was a huge step forward in a totally new direction in our career. We did an all-animation music video with fictional characters many of which represent the band members themselves and the tricky point is that they closely resemble the members real life their looks! We have a bald Arin and a guy with beard who is Sevan in the video. The story is that there is a young guy trapped in the doomed city. he has big aspirations in his life but the city wont allow him to thrive, so he decides to escape the city for a better future… you can see the rest of the story and the twist inside the video. This one is called “Irrevocable”

This is a brief explanation of what we did for this album, and now, on 19,02,19 we are proudly distributing the album as a whole in all digital music stores such as itunes, google play and spotify. We hope you enjoy listening and have fun!

The link to digital stores will be added in a short notice, stay tuned.