Fedayis of Artsakh…The Revolution of Wednesday Call and the story behind it

“Fedayis of Artsakh” or “Martyrs of Artsakh” was a revolution in our path. It is our single released in 2016 and it has such an amazing story, starting back in 2015 when we traveled to Artsakh, only to have some fun in our holidays, and a series of adventurous event lead to discovery of the song!

The song origin

we found a random old video on youtube while in the hotel room resting, back from sightseeing. some random guy posted it on youtube, a soldier singing a song with a ragged guitar, for some other soldiers in the ruins of Stepanakert.

We got really interested in the words and music and tried to find out the original work, and guess what! none of the locals had heard of this song before!

We fell in love with the song, we really wanted to know the idea and spirit behind it, so we started learning he song, lyrics and the music.

The idea and production of video

Later on, we developed a simple but sophisticated idea for the music video. we thought “lets record, mix and master the music, then gather all the friends and our families, start recording their faces only for a few seconds while they are singing the song along with the music.”

So we did the video recording and started putting all the pieces together, and the output was magnificent… so full of emotion and positive energy.

The feedback and the how we found the soldier

It went viral very quick! we could not believe we are going viral in Armenian community but that’s what was happening. It went up to 30K views in a few months in Telegram! almost everybody was talking about it.
The problem was we still did not know the song’s origin.
We posted the video on Youtube, again with a very good response from people. One day, out of the blue, a boy commented us on Youtube claiming this is his grandfather’s song! That was a clue!
we replied him but unfortunately he did not respond us, but since we wanted this so bad, we started writing to anyone out there on Facebook with the similar name! maybe we could find the origin.

after lots of useless responses, one guy answered. and it was him, the songwriter’s grandson.