NEWS! check out the story behind the music video from the new album

NEWS… plays a big role in our lives. It gives direction to our daily or long term choices. NEWS is useful… or is it??
What we thought in the first place, the idea and the ignition behind all this was all the generally fake and exaggerated content we are exposed to. All the stressful, sad, unreal and useless data wear us out! They kill us gradually without us realizing it, as if the media is injecting a small dose of toxin through our eyes and ears each day. No matter how hard we try, we are addicted, and still cant get rid of it…so maybe some of us get rid of ourselves in the end.

The music and lyrics was already done by the band, Arin had written the lyrics, the music had been recorded, all it needed was a harsh video matching the lyrics.

So we thought what can we do about it? Lets speak out!

Since we always prefer the hands-on approach, we just grabbed a camera, asked a friend to give us access to their basement for 3 days, Vahe started filming, Sebo started acting, Sevan doing the lights and the all the rest. This video is the perfect example of a creative and real time art generation and teamwork.

We just did what we thought looked better to be in the video. No judgments and no biases. All the angles, the poses, lights, ideas were mostly thought of and implemented in the very moment. We all had a vague idea of what it should be, what the main story is, and we all were seeing a small part of the whole, so we started doing and it worked out.